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Student Comments

These are real comments from real students. 99.9% of our customers are satisfied. Read below and see for yourself. We post the good, the bad, and the ugly.

"Very informative. The number of feet traveled per seconds at a given speed was particularly impactful in explaining how much distance a driver DOESN'T see while texting or using phone and therefore the significantly increased risk of collision that phone use presents. Easy to comprehend. Excellent review of rules we should know."
Annmarie M. - Los Angeles, California

Rick S. - Madera, California

"Great job!"
Reyna R. - Riverside, California

"One of the easier sites to register"
Angel S. - Los Angeles, California

"Good course!"
Margaret R. - San Luis Obispo, California

" A very well written and illustrated course. "
Spring L. - Kern, California

Juan C. - Sacramento, California

Benjamin P. - Marin, California

"Excellent and very helpful online traffic school"
Ngoc T. - Orange, California

"This site makes it really convenient for individuals to fit traffic school in to their busy lives. I'll recommend this school to anyone who has a busy schedule an/or cannot make the trek to a physical school."
Addison B. - Alameda, California

"easy to understand, some sections were a little bit too long, but i guess it was necessary, overall very understandable"
Jose E. - Los Angeles, California

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"Thank you!"
Cari G. - Riverside, California

"very easy to read learned a lot keeps my interest so I could pass all my tests would recommend for sure"
Cynthia H. - Kern, California

Gavan D. - San Francisco, California

"I enjoyed taking this class. I learned some things I did not know and was very happy for the refreshers. The traffic school was excellent and I would recommend it."
Virginia D. - Riverside, California

"Very well written material and good testing methods used. "
Snehal J. - Riverside, California

"oneday trafficschool wasnt dificult to understand was creat thank you."
Dionicio P. - Contra Costa, California

"Good program!"
Luncun W. - Contra Costa, California

Dorothy B. - Sacramento, California

"Great course! Thank you"
Trevor B. - Sacramento, California

"Very convenient and fast but educational."
Ricardo C. - Sacramento, California

"Excellent Course."
Raj S. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks very good and informative "
Scott M. - Riverside, California

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"Very Informative and easy to understand material"
Raymond C. - Los Angeles, California

John B. - Los Angeles, California

"love to"
Michael L. - Riverside, California

"Very good"
Madhu C. - San Francisco, California

"loved the details"
Antar S. - San Diego, California

Cindy B. - Riverside, California

"I had a logistic issue with my pending sections and Dave was very patient and extremely helpful.... thank you, Dave!!!"
Madeline S. - Los Angeles, California

"Great school...i learned alot."
Elizabeth U. - San Diego, California

"Thanks Is it going to the court before the due date? And how can I know that ? "
Himyar G. - San Francisco, California

"First time taking my traffic class online and it was very good! "
Elizabeth V. - Los Angeles, California

"It is so easy to read and understand those question before the final Exam. Thanks "
Nguyen L. - Orange, California

"liked course "
David V. - Riverside, California

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"Such an awesome experience/website... if any of my friends and/or family members need to take a traffic online course... I will definitely tell them about your services. Thank you so much!!!"
Irene S. - Fresno, California

"Very helpful"
Ray F. - Alameda, California

"awesome "
Angel A. - Riverside, California

"I thought the information that was presented was done in a very clear and understandable prose. I learned a lot from this course and found it both useful and interesting."
Eileen V. - San Diego, California

"I really enjoyed the course and improved my knowledge more than expected "
David T. - Sonoma, California

"Great Experience with one day traffic school! "
Tarveen V. - Alameda, California

"People you talk with are courteous and seem interested in your success."
Gordon C. - Shasta, California

"This was amazing, thank you for the ease and big print. It helped a lot"
Halonda N. - Riverside, California

"I tried for 100%"
Tanasa H. - Los Angeles, California

Anthony E. - Riverside, California

"Great class"
Kathleen G. - Kings, California

"Great course. Thank you."
Jenny L. - San Francisco, California

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Barbara C. - Los Angeles, California

"I like the format and easy to navigate course by course assignments..Thank you"
Million T. - Orange, California

"Yeah, it was a fine course. If I ever need to go through traffic school again, I'll choose you guys. Thanks. "
Christopher B. - Santa Clara, California

Gabriel M. - Orange, California

"was really great to read and answered all this test ,has excellent explanations thank you "
Leonardo S. - Los Angeles, California

"A good course, good review"
Julia B. - Marin, California

"You have a very complete course, thank you. "
James B. - Glenn, California

"The course is well designed, engaging and friendly in tone, and instructive. I am glad to be reminded of the dangers and the rules. thank you"
Kenneth N. - Sonoma, California

"Great course. Loved the mobile capabilities."
Grayson P. - San Francisco, California

"Great - Would recommend"
Michelle R. - Inyo, California

"worked for me"
Reginald M. - Kern, California

"course was easy to navigate and straight forward."
Ignacio R. - San Diego, California

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"I love it, this is a simple easy program. I took awhile due to holidays but I can see why you call One Day traffic school. Thank you."
Hrayr M. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for the refresher! !"
Sergio V. - Stanislaus, California

"Very easy to understand ,straight to the point info not a lot of non usable info very good class instruction will recommend to all my friends one day traffic school!!!!!! Thank you for a enjoyable and learning experience."
Ghadeer S. - San Francisco, California

"The material was easy to read & understand. It was very informative and nicely laid out to complete this course online."
Bhavnaben C. - Santa Clara, California

"awesome course "
Adam W. - Santa Barbara, California

"Excellent course! "
Thomas M. - San Bernardino, California

"I was very satisfied."
Elizabeth M. - Tulare, California

"great course to take online. very simple and instructions and study material are very clear and to the point"
Noe V. - Tulare, California

"Unfortunately it took me a little longer had death in the family. Hit n run after I registered got the class"
Vanessa C. - Inyo, California

"Lots of reading, but good and humorous knowledge."
Pa M. - San Diego, California

"good program. hope not to have to take it again!"
Nicholas B. - Orange, California

" Awesome "
Jose R. - Riverside, California

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"The 4 minute wait to do the test on the pedestrian section wasn't really necessary because that part was very short."
David J. - Monterey, California

"Gracias toda infomacion que me brindaron me Ayuda mucho "
Jorge C. - San Bernardino, California

"great website and great price "
Elena G. - Orange, California

"Very convenient traffic school course! Informative, but not overly time consuming. I was able to complete the course within 24 hours."
Tali R. - San Diego, California

"Very happy with this traffic school program due to its efficiency, contact, and structure."
Dylan L. - Los Angeles, California

"great thank you "
Jean pierre L. - San Diego, California

"Great course. It was a good reminder to drive more carefully and defensively."
Lisa L. - Merced, California

"super easy and fast!"
Ashley B. - Stanislaus, California

"Thank you!"
Peggy W. - Sacramento, California

"I love this traffic school. It was super easy and simply to navigate. I highly recommend this traffic school ! Thank you !"
Abraham L. - Ventura, California

"Thank you for all of your help !"
Wivens D. - Marin, California

"This was a very good experience, especially for me. I have been driving for 40 years and not had a ticket in 30. The important part about this whole experience was the reminder about defensive driving. I do not drive with road rage, but their was a lot of positive information about not becoming one. I have always let the more aggressive driver have the right of way and it was nice to see I have been correct all these years. Thank you for a very pleasant experience."
Toni B. - San Luis Obispo, California

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Christopher Y. - San Mateo, California

"I was fully satisfied with this traffic school experience."
Roger C. - San Diego, California

"I was very pleased by the service this online traffic school provided me. I will definitely be recommending it in the future. Thank you."
Gabriella R. - San Diego, California

"It's really educated and helpful Thanks "
Parmjit S. - Stanislaus, California

"Some things need to be updated throughout the course and there were some grammar issues as well."
Charlotte L. - Butte, California

"This has been a wonderful experience and a very good way to learn safety driving. Thank you! Manfred"
Manfred J. - Los Angeles, California

"This was a good course and a refresher for me, which I needed."
Claudia D. - Kern, California

"This was an excellent website and an easy course to complete."
Irene J. - Santa Barbara, California

"I love it! "
Joseph F. - Riverside, California

"great school"
Alejandro B. - Los Angeles, California

"My name was spell wrong jimmy"
Jimmy F. - Stanislaus, California

"I was satisfied and would recommend the course."
Thomas S. - Marin, California

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"Road Rage-one example I experienced was braking down in heavy traffic on a freeway in a middle lane at rush hour, I could not move out of middle lane until a police man came and pushed me to the right hand side, passing drivers yelled and scream at me, there was nothing I could do until help arrived. "
Susan G. - Humboldt, California

"All great!"
Grace C. - Orange, California

Rogelio C. - San Francisco, California

"Great course. Easy to follow. Loved the little bit of humor!!"
Mary F. - San Diego, California

"Nice school...relearned everything, pretty basic and quick...finished under 4 hrs"
Alec D. - Orange, California

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